What does pro-fiction mean?

Pro-fiction (a.k.a. profiction, pro-fic, profic) simply means that you don’t think someone’s taste in fiction reflects their real life morality. It means that you don’t believe video games cause violence, liking slasher films doesn’t make you a murderer, and fictional kinks don’t reflect your real life sexual desires and actions. Someone who is pro-fiction realizes that people enjoy fictional content for a myriad of reasons and their enjoyment doesn't reflect who they are as a person.

What is a pro-shipper?

A pro-shipper (a.k.a. proshipper, pro-ship, proship) is someone who is "pro-fiction" who promotes a romantic or sexual pairing of fictional characters (i.e. "shipping") without judging the moral character of other people based on the other's "ships". They simply believe that everyone should live and let live as long as it stays in the realm of fiction.


What is a conwoke?

A conwoke (a.k.a. woke conservative) is a person who dresses up conservative ideals in social justice language. They're aware of the issues that plague society, but they believe the solution is to promote conservative ideology under the veil of social justice. They may appear progressive, but their solutions include controlling the bodily autonomy of others, censorship, prison, capital punishment, and other conservative "solutions".

What is an anti?

An anti (a.k.a. puritan, fanpol, fancop, puriteen) is a conwoke who promotes moral panic conservative rhetoric. They believe that fiction directly correlates with reality and that fictional scenarios they deem "problematic" are the root cause of abusive people (e.g. video games cause violence, liking a fictional villain means you promote genocide, etc). They're aware that abuse exists, but they place the blame squarely on fictional media and seek to censor it and harm those who promote it.

What is a radfem?

A radfem (a.k.a. TERF, SWERF, radical feminist) is a conwoke who promotes feminism by pushing to control other people's bodily autonomy. They believe that people (especially women) shouldn't have control to make decisions over their own bodies if it runs counter to their interpretation of feminism. This includes controlling the bodies of sex workers and trans women while seeking to deny their identities.


Doesn't pro-fiction or pro-shipper mean 'pedophile'?

No. A common tactic by conservatives is to refer to the victims of their attacks as "pedophiles". By labeling people as "pedophiles", it makes the general public uncritically turn against the conservative's victims. This tactic has been used for decades, especially against queer people. Pro-fiction ideology exclusively deals with accepting fictional content, not real life issues.

How does one reconcile pro-fiction ideology with bigoted fiction?

This can vary from person to person. For most social progressives, bigoted media no longer qualifies as "fiction" since they're specifically targetting real life groups of people.

Doesn't some fiction normalize bad behavior?

Fiction can only influence people when there's an absence of knowledge pertaining to the subject. Many people watched the film "Jaws" and assumed that sharks are a highly problematic issue to people swimming in the ocean. When in reality, this isn't true in the slightest. The solution to people's misconceptions about sharks isn't to censor the movie, it is to educate people on the nature of sharks.

Even then, fiction doesn't have the same effect for every person. Most people are able to differentiate fiction from reality. People who enjoy Star Wars typically really enjoy Darth Vader's character. However, these people don't apply the same reverence to real historical villains such as Hitler.

The bottom line is that to prevent abuse, you need to educate people. Promoting censorship isn't a true solution and flies in the face of what it means to be a free society.